Day 4 & 5: What is stopping us from raising the rates?

I cheated. I didn’t cheat a lot but I wonder if cheating a little bit on the Welfare Food Challenge is like being kind of pregnant. I am back on rice and beans. In fact, I have half a jar of rice and beans sitting in front of me that I am trying to get excited about and eat. Continue reading

Increasing the minimum wage is a good start in addressing low-wage poverty

Increasing the minimum wage is a good start to address low-wage poverty in our communities. A mandatory minimum wage of $15 per hour would be an opportunity for the BC government to match the commitment to eradicating low-wage poverty that many employers have made as part of the Living Wage for Families Campaign. Continue reading

Day 3: Why “get a job” just doesn’t cut it!

I am hungry today. The first few days I seemed to be doing OK. I even gave my “extra” food to my partner who has been really struggling with getting enough to eat. That didn’t happen today. I have been forgetful and very emotional. I am starting to get hesitant about leaving the house and I definitely haven’t been walking as much as I normally do. Continue reading

Day 2: Welfare Food Challenge – Charity or Justice?

Did you know that the Downtown Eastside far outstrips the rest of Vancouver in its rates of volunteerism and that BC is the most generous province in terms of how much we give to charitable organizations? It is clear that all of our communities have gifts to offer. Continue reading

Preparing for the Welfare Food Challenge

This year my partner Earyn and I decided to participate in the Welfare Food Challenge. Continue reading

The Living Wage and the Welfare Food Challenge

More than 170,000 people in BC struggle to make ends meet on welfare. Living wage campaign organizer Deanna Ogle, along with her partner Earyn Wheatley, explore the connections between the living wage, poverty, climate change, food security and welfare while participating in the 4th annual Welfare Food Challenge November 3 to 9, 2015. The two will only eat the food they can each buy with $21. Continue reading

Yoga Outreach transforms vulnerable lives

Yoga Outreach was founded in 1996 by yoga teachers who came together to share yoga in the BC Correctional System. Since then, it has expanded to serve a diverse range of facilities including addiction and mental health centres. Continue reading

City of Vancouver passes motion to become a Living Wage Employer

NEWS RELEASE July 8, 2015 VANCOUVER – The Living Wage for Families Campaign and the Metro Vancouver Alliance congratulate the City of Vancouver for its commitment to become a Living Wage Employer. Continue reading

The Living Wage for Families Campaign congratulates nine businesses as new certified Living Wage Employers

NEWS RELEASE July 3, 2015 VANCOUVER – Nine employers were certified as Living Wage Employers yesterday by the Living Wage for Families Campaign. “Eight of the nine certified employers have fewer than 50 employees,” observes Deanna Ogle, the campaign organizer with the Living Wage for Families Campaign. “This demonstrates the strong  commitment and contribution of small businesses to the economic health of local communities.” Continue reading

Living wage rises again in 2015; federal policies leave families struggling to cover basics

NEWS RELEASE April 29, 2015 VANCOUVER – A report released today finds that the wage needed to cover the costs of raising a family in Metro Vancouver is $20.68 per hour. Continue reading