The Living Wage for Families Campaign co-publishes an annual living wage calculation that establishes the living wage rate for Metro Vancouver. The living wage is one solution to lifting low-income workers out of poverty.

The living wage rate is the hourly wage a family needs to earn to cover basic expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation and child care. The living wage calculation is based on a two-parent family with two children with each parent working full time.

This calculation methodology has been used in cities throughout Canada and has become the accepted way to measure what a living wage is and to track low-wage poverty.

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Latest news releases

2019 -12-20: Municipalities representing over 430,000 British Columbians made progress on paying a living wage in 2019

2019-10-17: Stabilization Central Credit Union becomes Living Wage Employer on International Credit Union Day 

2019-10-01: City of Burnaby Implements Living Wage Policy for Staff

2019-09-10: Clayoquot Sound and Powell River release living wages for 2019 - BC's child care investments still have major impact

2019-07-09: Living wage movement reaches 157 employers across BC, including first restaurant since 2015

2019-05-01: BC’s child care investments have major impact on 2019 living wage

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Living wage in the news

2020-01-02: News 1130: Five more B.C. cities commit to paying employees living wage: advocate

2019-10-16: The Tyee: Comment: In an election about affordability, we aren't we talking about low wages? 

2019-06-25: Burnaby Now: City of Burnaby to pay all staff at least $19.50/hour living wage

2019-05-25: New West Record: Living wage policy eyed by New West School Board 

2019-05-24: CBC: Provincial commission seeks to close gap between minimum wage and living wage 

2019-05-13: Vancouver Sun: Comment: B.C. child-care spending shows the power of good public policy. What’s next?

2019-03-16: Times Colonist: Comment: Basic income must be only one part of poverty-reduction plans

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