Living Wage and the B.C. Election Campaign

The Living Wage for Families Campaign has written to all four provincial parties asking for consideration of the following actions:: as part of a comprehensive Poverty Reduction Plan for BC: Continue reading

Prince George living wage

Prince George living wage The University of Northern BC’s economics department and the local United Way recently calculated the living wage for Prince George at $16.90/hour. This wage is intended to cover basic costs, including shelter, food, childcare and MSP premiums. Continue reading


Terrace Living Wage Campaign A recent study by 10 social work  students at Terrace’s local UNBC campus, , under the direction of BC Association of Social Workers president Robert Hart, pegs the living wage rate for Terrace at $17.65/hour.  Continue reading

Listening to stories of low wage workers

We all want our cities to be livable and sustainable, especially for our children. However for many families who work for low wages, our cities are not very hospitable places. We must start taking this reality into account when working to make our cities more livable for all families. Truly livable cities, at their most basic level, are places where everyone can cover their basic living expenses. Continue reading

Faith Groups and living wage

The mandate of the ‘Living Wage Faith Group Engagement Project ‘is to help educate and support faith groups in more effectively engaging with their communities — particularly low-income families – in advocating for a living wage.  Continue reading

Parksville/Qualicum becomes the first school district to pass a Living Wage Policy

On April 25, 2012 School District 69 (Parksville/Qualicum) unanimously passed the following motion to become the first school district in Canada to pass a living wage policy. Continue reading

New Living Wage Employers

Two more companies certified as Living Wage Employers SAP Labs Canada and Briteweb have recently been certified as Living Wage Employers, committing to pay all their staff and contract service staff a living wage.  Continue reading