First Living Wage beer tap maker in Canadataphandlestogo

Borrego Radium Ltd, based in Invermere, and owner of Taphandlestogo.com and Stickernut, is the first company in Canada who make beer tap handles and custom stickers to commit to pay all its staff and contracted workers a Living Wage.

They join several other businesses in the beverage industry, including Spinnakers Brewpub in Victoria and Wayward Distillery in Comox Valley to signify their commitment to ending working poverty, by paying a Living Wage.

“Paying a living wage is a step towards making a collective impact on poverty. As a business, we can begin the process by making that impact on our local community. We can hope that this be an inspiration and example that spreads countrywide so we can all work together to end poverty." Karen Gendron, Borrego Radium

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies. There are nearly 250 Living Wage Employers in BC, with over 25,000 employees who don’t need to worry about how they will afford rent, food and other essentials for their family because they are guaranteed to earn a Living Wage.

“We’re delighted that Borrego Radium has certified as a Living Wage Employer. Paying a Living Wage is good for the employer, the employee and the local community. We invite other employers to join the Living Wage movement,” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families Campaign Organizer.