Spotlight - Revive Washing

Revive Washing

The Living Wage Employer based in Surrey, BC  provide exterior house washing to homes in the Lower Mainland. In the winter months, to ensure the team is employed all year round they also offer Christmas light installation.

"For us, it's about more than pressure washing. It's about making people's lives better, including our own team. People give their lives to work for your company, it's imperative that they are rewarded for doing so and being paid well and well supported." David Moerman, Founder and CEO

Generosity is one of their core values. Revive live this out by being generous to clients, staff and people needing clean water in Cambodia. Revive washes homes locally to bring clean water globally, by donating 3% of each job to go to the construction of water wells around the world. They have now donated to 27 water wells in Cambodia bringing clean water to communities.

Revive have been able to use their Living Wage certification in recruiting channels to advertise how well they take care of their team. It has helped shape their company culture and made the team stronger.

We feel bonded that we are all in this together being taken care of by Revive and we like to brag about our job to our friends and family. People feel good to work for our company because we are a Living Wage Employer. It's a point of pride for the company. 

They would encourage other employers to join the Living Wage movement. They have been able to attract better quality employees who want to be paid above industry average so that they can provide for their families and live a good life.

Your business is nothing without your people, you have to make sure they are rewarded and being well taken care of.