REACH teamSpotlight: REACH Community Health Centre

REACH Community Health Centre have been providing community-based health care for fifty years, and strive to be more than just a doctor or dentist's office.

They have been a Living Wage Employer since 2018, ensuring that their 70 staff members and contracted workers earn a Living Wage.

They have a multidisciplinary approach to care within their Medical and Dental clinics, pharmacy, Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) and Multi-cultural Family Centre. REACH is committed to addressing social determinants of health and providing inclusive, accessible and sustainable programs and services to enhance the physical and mental health and well-being of our community and individuals within it.

"REACH supports the Living Wage movement because as a healthcare organization we believe the health of our community is important. Our staff are an integral part of our community, earning a living wage is one of the ways we support their health." Nicole LeMire, REACH Community Health Centre

Before REACH became a living wage employer, some of their staff earned below a living wage. They wanted their staff to feel supported cared for. Now all of the REACH team earn at least a living wage and they are more engaged, committed and are proud to work for REACH.

"At REACH, we believe an organization’s greatest resource is their people. The best investment we can make is in our employees Being a living wage employer gives a competitive edge in the job market and attracts top talents, leading to an exciting work environment." Amanda Adams, REACH Community Centre

In addition to being a Living Wage Employer, REACH is committed to a competitive salary, competitive benefits plan, and a work environment that supports employee’s health and well-being. This supports their staff who work together to assist the health and wellbeing of our community.