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Power To Be just became a certified Living Wage Employer - committing to pay their staff and contracted workers a living wage. 

Power To Be is a non-profit social impact organization that works to create access to nature for folks living with cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers.    

“I transitioned into the role of Head of People & Culture in 2021, and one of my first projects was both a compensation review and a stay interview process. During the process, we started to delve into our values and what it means to live those values - not just in the work we do, but in how we support and manage our staff. As a Senior Leadership team, we decided that paying our staff a living wage was something that we valued greatly and could commit to. As a result, we decided to become a living wage employer.” – Shardé Long, Director of People and Culture, Power To Be

Power to Be

As the cost of living has increased across BC, the importance of paying a living wage has never been more important. The living wage is the hourly amount someone needs to earn to pay for basic essentials like food and rent, it doesn’t include paying off debt or saving for retirement. The Living Wage for Victoria is now $25.40 an hour.

“We’re delighted that Power To Be has become a Living Wage Employer. We hope it encourages other employers to join the Living Wage movement. Paying a living wage is good for workers, employers, and the local community.” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families BC.

According to their Director of People and Culture, Shardé Long, the best thing about working for Power To Be is “the people; we are a group of good humans committed to doing good work. The opportunity to support a dynamic, well-intentioned team is my professional dream come true.”

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies. There are now almost 400 Living Wage Employers across BC.

Find out more about Power To Be on their website powertobe.ca

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