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Breaking the cycle of underpaid service workers – Mobi Bikes become a Living Wage Employer!

Vancouver Bike Share (aka Mobi Bikes) has just become a certified Living Wage Employer - committing to pay their staff and contracted workers a living wage.

“The cycling industry has historically had low wages and seasonal instability that is often met with highly specialized skillsets. If our society truly wants to meet the needs of a growing carless culture, bike mechanics and cycling service workers need to be properly compensated.” Steve Vanderwoerd, HR Manager, Mobi Bikes.

As part of their commitment to becoming a Living Wage Employer, nearly half of their workforce received a pay increase to be brought up to the Living Wage.
Steve Vanderwoerd, HR Manager for Mobi Bikes says that since making these changes, they’ve seen that it’s helped with recruitment and retention.

“In addition to being the right thing to do, we’ve noticed immediate improvements in team member recruitment and retention. We need to support the growth of the cycling industry by supporting careers that are not just assumed to be a trade-off between personal passion for a hobby, and the ability to live where you work. The process of becoming a Living Wage employer challenged and refined many management policies that had not changed significantly since the start-up phase of the organization, and we are better for it.”

As the cost of living has increased across BC, the importance of paying a living wage has never been more important. The living wage is the hourly amount someone needs to earn to pay for essentials like food and rent, it doesn’t include paying off debt or saving for retirement. The Living Wage for Metro-Vancouver is currently $24.08 an hour.

As part of the commitment to becoming a Living Wage Employer, all part-time workers received access to health and dental benefits – this is incredibly valuable for many of the workers at the organisation

“Vancouver Bike Share becoming a Living Wage Employer is an exciting development and one that I benefit from. Even though I work part-time, I now have access to benefits for myself and my entire family. This is amazingly useful and demonstrates that they care for the long-term well-being of their employees, and that every one is valuable regardless of their role at the company.” Worker at Mobi Bikes

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies. There are now almost 400 Living Wage Employers across BC.

“We’re delighted that Mobi Bikes has become a Living Wage Employer. We hope it encourages other employers to join the Living Wage movement. Paying a living wage is good for workers, employers and the local community” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families BC.

Find out more about Mobi Bikes on their website

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