Living Wage for Local Governments: Webinar May 16

If you work for or represent a local government, join our webinar on May 16 to learn about how local governments can become Living Wage Employers!

More than 140 employers across British Columbia have already become Living Wage Employers. This includes small and large for-profit companies, unions, cooperatives, non-profits, eight local governments and one school district. These employers have committed to paying all their direct staff and contract employees a living wage, and to require that any major service providers also pay a living wage to their staff.

In this webinar specifically for local government staff and elected officials, you'll learn about the process of becoming a Living Wage Employer. Presenters will explain what the living wage is and how it's calculated, what steps a local government needs to take to research and prepare a living wage plan, and what lessons you can learn from other local governments that are already Living Wage Employers.

Thursday May 16, 2019
12:00-1:00 pm PT

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Iglika Ivanova
Senior Economist and Public Interest Researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - BC Office
  • Iglika will explain how the living wage is calculated and why it's a robust measure of the cost of living in your community.

Catherine Ludgate
Senior Manager of Community Investment at Vancity Credit Union
  • Catherine will speak from an employer's perspective about how to make the living wage work for you, and will also provide insights about local governments that have already become Living Wage Employers.

Halena Seiferling
Campaign Organizer at the Living Wage for Families Campaign
  • Halena will provide an overview of the Living Wage for Families Campaign and what it means to be a Living Wage Employer.