Recruiting peer researchers 

Join our participatory action research project!

We are looking for parents in Metro-Vancouver who are in low paid work to join our participatory action research project - Making Ends Meet. 

Making Ends Meet aims to understand the experiences of those involved in low-wage and precarious work. This research will provide a better understanding to policymakers of possible responses to the issues of working poverty.

The project will explore how working poverty impacts the well-being of families, households, and communities in Metro Vancouver, while providing training and support to build capacity for policy advocacy among individuals impacted by working poverty.

We will collaborate with Peer Researchers to develop research questions, recruit participants, and share recommendations that arise from our research. The time commitment is approximately two hours per week for approximately three months. Peer Researchers and participants will be paid a living wage for their time.

To find out more - check out our recruitment flyer or visit the Making Ends Meet section of our website

If you’re interested in learning more and/or becoming a Peer Researcher or project participant, you can sign up on this form, or by contacting Bonnie Koehn, Research Coordinator, at [email protected]