Imperial Sign Corporation

Imperial Sign Corporation has recertified as a Living Wage Employer


Imperial Sign Corporation (ISC) provides a range of design-build fabrication, including signage and architectural lighting solutions. They prioritize optimizing clients’ visibility, as well as leveraging the architectural features of the buildings in which they work and live in a way that aligns to their brand identity. ISC strives to transform. With the goal of being a global industry leader in sustainability, they are dedicated to providing sophisticated, impactful custom signage and lighting solutions. From early-stage design to permitting to fabrication and installation, they seek to maintain their reputation for reliability and quality by surpassing client expectations. 

The cost of living is the biggest challenge almost everyone in Canada faces. By choosing to certify as a living wage employer and, wherever possible, partnering with likeminded organizations that pay no less than a living wage, ISC aims to ensure that anyone who works with us knows that their future will not involve a choice between things like healthy food and adequate housing. We also know that the small actions we take every day add up over time. - Tom Corner, Imperial Sign Corporation

The living wage is the hourly amount someone needs to earn to cover basic expenses. The Living Wage for Metro Vancouver is $24.08 an hour.

“We’re delighted that Imperial Sign Corporation has continued to commit to being a Living Wage Employer. We hope it encourages other employers to continue within the Living Wage movement. Paying a living wage is good for workers, employers and the local community” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families BC

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies. There are now nearly 400 Living Wage Employers in BC. 

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