Highlight of the Week: Clean Start Property Services

As a new way of showcasing the phenomenal work our Certified Living Wage Employers have done, we want to start highlighting our employers, weekly, on our social media pages. 

CleanStart Property Services is a Vancouver based social enterprise that’s goals are to provide comprehensive property services such Junk Removal, Hoarding Cleanup, Sharps Removal, Pest Control, and Sanitization Services all while offering employment opportunities to those who need it.

“This past year or so has seen a dramatic increase in the cost of living,” says Dylan Goggs, Founder and CEO of CleanStart. “As a social enterprise focused on providing good, stable employment with benefits for a team

 facing barriers to traditional employment, it all starts with providing a living wage. It’s one of the driving forces behind CleanStart.”

CleanStart has extensive experience across the Lower Mainland serving non-profit housing, commercial, residential, and construction-industry customers. Launched in March of 2010 in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as a BC social enterprise, the team has become experts at compassionate and discrete property maintenance for Vancouver’s supportive housing providers, and beyond. Their motto “Difficult Done Right” espouses their dedication to professionalism performing the most difficult property services jobs. They are also  a Community Contribution Company (“C3”) with a governance and profit-distribution structure specifically targeting community social benefits and supportive employment for marginalized individuals.

“We are a supportive employer, meaning we intentionally hire individuals facing barriers to traditional employment,” says Goggs. “And once employed, it is critical that our company helps people move forward in life. Rent is increasing, cost of food is increasing, the employment market is becoming more fragmented. It’s tough out there and paying people a living wage goes a long way in helping people.”

And they don’t stop there. Medical benefits, paid leave, flexible scheduling, and free uniforms and training are integral to their business as a supportive employer. It has greatly improved the mental and physical well-being of their staff and increased the strength of the organization as a whole, even as increasing costs put pressure on the bottom line.

“Living Wage benefits us all. The employee, the company, the customer, the community. We’re all in this together, and a rising tide lifts all boats," says Goggs

More information about CleanStart can be found at www.cleanstartbc.ca. 

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