Video: Living Wage at the 2019 High Ground Conference

In March 2019, Campaign Organizer Halena Seiferling gave a Pecha Kucha-style presentation to attendees of the Columbia Institute's 2019 High Ground Conference. The video is now online!

High Ground is a conference for elected officials from local governments across British Columbia. Most attendees at this year's conference were well aware of our work at the Living Wage for Families Campaign, which is very exciting!

Campaign Organizer Halena Seiferling described what the living wage is and how it's calculated, and pointed to several examples of local governments across the province that have already become Living Wage Employers. Halena also reinforced the purpose of the living wage: to enable workers to earn a fair wage while at work, and then be able to access and enjoy their communities outside of work hours.

Watch the full video now! (7 minutes)