Downtown Vancouver BIA

Spotlight: Downtown Vancouver BIA

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) supports, promotes, and represents the shared interests of 7,000 businesses and property owners in the central 90-block area of Vancouver’s downtown core. They have been a Living Wage Employer since 2020.

Their team has grown over the years- starting with only a group of three in 1990. They now have 14 office staff, not including the Downtown Safety Ambassadors and Clean Team that make up their company.

In 2017, they created the “DVBIA Policy Advisory Council (PAC),” which developed and approved policies like the Living Wage movement.

“When living and operating in a city like Vancouver, where the cost of living is higher than most, it is important that our employees feel secure in their finances, as well as their positions here at the DVBIA.” Jane Talbot, Vice President and COO

The Association supports the Living Wage movement for many reasons; it promotes social inclusion, enables employees to have sufficient income to cover reasonable costs, and most importantly, ensures that employees are not under severe financial stress. When employees are under financial pressure, it can affect their mental, physical, and emotional health. In turn, this can negatively affect the operations and quality of work.

“Becoming a Living Wage Employer has brought many benefits to the DVBIA, such as improved productivity, employee retention, decreased costs associated with absent staff, a broader range of applicants, and much more. Supporting the Living Wage movement shows your employees and the community that you support the well-being of your staff. The DVBIA is committed to enhancing the downtown Vancouver experience, starting with a healthy, happy, and supported group of individuals on staff and in the community.” Jane Talbot, Vice President and COO