Spotlight: Clayton Heights Sports and Therapy Center

CHSTC (Clayton Heights Sports and Therapy Center) is owned and directed by David Balfour. He was the first private Living Wage Employer in Surrey, BC.

CHSTC is comprised of 26 employees; both staff and contractors. They boast of world-class treatment that allows for their clients to have all their paramedical treatments (physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and kinesiology) under one roof.

CHSTC supports the living wage campaign because they believe not only that all families should be able to make ends meet, whilst living comfortably, but also because it’s important to pay employees their worth. By doing so, they will have staff retention, and staff that are eager and happy to work! Through benefits and a livable wage, David hopes to make a difference for his employees.

"In Canada, we are seeing more and more wealth distribution issues, and gradually, the middle class is disappearing. A living wage creates a positive work environment, therefore, a thriving business where both clientele and staff are happy to work together to help clients get better from their injuries." David Balfour, Clayton Heights Sports and Therapy Center

David advises other companies that wish to provide their staff with a livable wage:

“If you want employees to stick around you need to pay and reward them like you want to stick around. Good people deserve good wages. One should pay wages based on the value the employee provides not what the marketplace says”.