2400 Motel


2400 Motel is the only certified Living Wage hotel operator in BC.

In this blog, General Manager Kristian Miller shares the risk they took in becoming a Living Wage Employer in the midst of the pandemic and the benefits they've found from doing so.

The 2400 Motel is a landmark destination along the Kingsway Corridor in Vancouver, BC. Our classic and nostalgic 65 room motor court motel takes people back to road trips in classic cars, family time, and being outdoors.

A sense of old-fashioned hospitality is ingrained in us. That starts with having talented people and paying them a Living Wage to achieve the health and happiness everyone deserves. Our family of long-time associates ranges from 10 – 15 people throughout the year, and taking care of them is one of our core values. After all, we can’t be built on family heritage if our team cannot support their own at home!

Since we first partnered together in 2020, being a living wage employer has enabled us to showcase our commitment to the associates and the culture of care we want to inspire in our community. Wages are the most significant expense in any operation, and with COVID wreaking havoc on tourism, many places gave payroll the most critical look. We look at the flip side: if your largest expense is your people, that is also the most obvious place to invest!

We saw zero undesired turnover throughout the pandemic, and when it was time to hire for the coming high season, the Living Wage Program was a great asset as we did not suffer from any of the talent vacuum that many of our brethren experienced.

The entire hospitality industry knows it is built on people, but our living wage partnership cements our commitment to those people and separates us from our competitors.