Employers Series #3: Working in a Living Wage Municipality

Third in our new series of resources for employers: if you're a business owner or service provider, see what it means for you when your local government becomes a Living Wage Employer.

When a local government certifies as a Living Wage Employer, they must ensure that any sub-contractors or service providers on major contracts pay their staff the local living wage. This means that in the bidding process for contracts that fall under the government’s living wage policy, only bids from employers who pay a living wage on that project will be considered. If you do contract work or have a partnership with your local government, you may be impacted.

If your local government has become a Living Wage Employer, consider what opportunities that may open up for you. Perhaps you can secure new contracts with the government if you also pay a living wage. Or, perhaps you can capitalize on your community’s support for fair wages by implementing your own living wage policy and communicating it to your customers.

Read this new resource for more insights on how your local government's living wage policy may affect you, and contact us to learn more about becoming a Living Wage Employer.

This is the third in a series of new fact sheets for employers. These concise, one-page "cheat sheets" note key information relevant for employers of diverse sectors, industries, and sizes. Read the whole series and watch for the rest of the series coming soon!