Webinar: Calculating the living wage for local communities

The Living Wage for Families Campaign's first webinar was a huge success. On September 9, 2014, more than 60 people from across BC and Canada tuned in to learn how to calculate the annual living wage in their community.

With Catherine Ludgate of the Living Wage for Families Campaign (employer recognition) moderating the webinar, Adrienne Montani of First Call (which hosts the living wage campaign), gave a history of the campaign and suggested ways to find a local host to make the annual calculations.

Iglika Ivanova of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - BC Office then walked through the data required to develop a local table of family expenses and showed how to use the living wage calculation spreadsheet to calculate the living wage in individual communities.

Watch the video (58 min.) of the webinar.

You can also learn more about how to calculate the living wage for your BC community through the CCPA’s Working for a Living Wage 2014 report and their living wage calculation guide