Employers Series #4: The Living Wage for Small Businesses

Fourth in our new series of resources for employers: learn how to make the living wage work for your small business. 78% of Living Wage Employers in BC have 50 or fewer employees, and 48% have 10 or fewer employees - you can join them!

Though small businesses face unique challenges, paying a living wage can bring significant benefits. Many small businesses report increased staff productivity, morale, and retention as a result of paying higher wages, as well as an improved company reputation and profile. You may also be eligible for contracts with your local government if you share a commitment to paying a living wage.

This new resource includes tips and advice on how small businesses can feasibly pay a living wage, as well as testimonials from other small businesses who have made it work. Click here to learn more, and contact us to become a Living Wage Employer!

This is the fourth in a series of new fact sheets for employers. These concise, one-page "cheat sheets" note key information relevant for employers of diverse sectors, industries, and sizes. Read the whole series and watch for the rest of the series coming soon!

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