Spotlight: Rise

Rise Women’s Legal Centre

Rise is a pro bono community legal clinic and teaching facility, based in Vancouver but serving women all over BC. They have been a certified Living Wage Employer since 2019.

Rise provides unbundled legal services to individuals who identify as women, primarily in the area of family law; they also provide assistance with immigration applications based on humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds, and legal support to advocates, transition house workers, settlement and community workers in every corner of the province.

Rise has 9 full time employees and occasionally a part-time assistant. They employ a regular weekly cleaner and occasionally other contract workers as needed, all of whom are paid above the Living Wage.

By paying people a living wage, Rise hopes we are demonstrating to all our employees & contractors that we value their contributions to our organisation. It also sends a message, to our people and to the larger community, about Rise’s values. Kim Hawkins, Executive Director of Rise

Rise believes that society is stronger when everyone’s contribution is valued and supported.

Strong communities the world over benefit from citizens who are able to meet their basic needs and participate fully in civic life. When people are paid fairly, those dollars find their way back into the community and add to its economic stability and growth. Local businesses do better, everyone enjoys a higher quality of living, and communities flourish. Everyone benefits when working people and families are treated well. Kim Hawkins