Spotlight: Raincoast

Raincoast Community Rehabilitation

This Living Wage Employer provides community occupational therapy and supporting services to injured British Columbians, particularly survivors of traumatic brain injury, concussion, psychological, and mental health injuries. The company under various iterations has been around for over 35 years.

As a Living Wage employer, Raincoast has commited to paying its 24 employees and 12 consultants a living wage. Although regulated professionals tend to earn more than living wages, it is important that all staff members receive wages that allow them to live meaningfully in their communities.

“’Community’ is our middle name so it is critical that we give back as much to our communities and neighbours as they give us.” Jason D. Ellis, Executive Director, Raincoast

Becoming a Living Wage employer was a way of formalizing Raincoast’s commitment to employees and future employees alike.

“There is a palpable value belonging to this next generation of entrepreneurs who recognize employees as ‘partners’ and that when employees prosper, the company prospers. If a small business like ours can afford it, certainly our publicly-traded big box health competitors can as well!” Jason D. Ellis, Executive Director, Raincoast