Purpose CPA

First Living Wage Employer in Richmond

Purpose CPA is the first organization in Richmond, BC to show their commitment to ending working poverty by certifying as a Living Wage Employer.

“At Purpose CPA, we believe in a world where all businesses are conscious businesses, with a broader view of success beyond just the bottom line. The benefit is clear, financially stable employees are happier and more productive which positively impacts our client services. Taking care of our team is not just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.” - Matt Wong, Co-Founder & Advisor

The living wage is the hourly amount a family needs to cover basic expenses. The calculation is based on a two-parent family with two children – the most common family unit in BC – with each parent working full-time. The Living Wage for Metro Vancouver is $19.50 an hour.

“We’re delighted that Purpose CPA has committed to paying their staff, including their interns, a Living Wage. Paying a Living Wage is good for the employer, the employee and the local community. We invite other employers in Richmond to join the Living Wage movement,” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families Campaign Organizer.

Low-income earners tend to spend proportionally more of their income than those with much higher incomes, because those with low incomes have more essential spending needs. Those with lower incomes also tend to spend more money locally. This will help strengthen small and community-focused businesses in Richmond.

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies. They commit to pay their direct and contracted staff a Living Wage.