Press Release - 50 Employers sign an open letter

Press Release

For immediate release: 7 May 2021

(Vancouver, BC) Over 50 employers have signed an open letter to Premier Horgan, asking the BC government to take immediate action to ensure every worker in British Columbia has access to paid sick leave — during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The diverse group of signatories ranges from large companies like Vancity Credit Union to small non-profits such as Canadian Roots Exchange. The companies represent many different sectors too, from architecture firms to yoga studios. Together, they have over 4,500 employees.

“A healthy workforce is one that is happier, more likely to stay with us, and even more likely to be productive. It also helps to minimize sickness spreading in the workplace since people feel they can stay home when not feeling well, and not miss out on wages. Employees shouldn’t have to choose between working or taking care of their basic needs while ill.” Sarah White, COO and founder of Fairware

The letter was coordinated by the Living Wage for Families Campaign who are asking the BC government to amend the Employment Standards Act to introduce a paid sick leave provision for all workers, that lasts beyond the pandemic.

“We’re encouraged that the BC government agrees that nobody should have to choose between staying home when they’re sick and putting food on the table. We’re all healthier and happier when sick workers can stay home and help keep their coworkers and the public safe,” Said Anastasia French, Campaign Organiser, Living Wage for Families Campaign.  


  • To read the full open letter and the full list of signatories, visit:
  • The Living Wage for Families Campaign annually calculates the Living Wage for communities across British Columbia. They certify employers that pay a living wage to their staff and contractors, and advocates for complementary government policies that would help families make ends meet. Their goal is for every working British Columbian to make a living wage.
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