Spotlight: MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement

MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement is a Vancouver-based consulting firm specializing in planning, urban design, and public engagement. They have been a certified Living Wage Employer since 2019.

MODUS works with local and regional governments, provincial agencies, crown corporations, non-profits, universities, community groups, school boards, libraries and progressive developers to address critical issues and make a difference. They tackle tough problems to help communities and developers navigate the transition to sustainability, resilience and livability.

Being a values-based firm, they are committed to paying their 14 staff members and all their contracted workers a Living Wage.

As a mission-based firm dedicated to creating more livable and sustainable communities, we recognize the importance of reducing poverty and inequality in our community, and the Living Wage is one step towards that. The Living Wage allows people to provide better opportunities for themselves and their families. Supporting all staff members, including interns, with a Living Wage is very important to us. Jess Macindoe, MODUS

MODUS already paid the Living Wage to all employees and interns prior to certification and so didn’t need to make any internal changes to become a certified Living Wage employer. However, it has helped them communicate their commitments regarding the Living Wage to potential new clients and employees.

Being a values-based firm also helps with employee loyalty and retention – our staff know they work for a firm that will pay everyone a Living Wage. Jess Macindoe, MODUS

As a values-based firm, MODUS takes their commitment to staff and the community very seriously. They are Climate Smart certified for 2020 and are a Buy Social purchasing partner too. Additionally, MODUS has an advocacy fund where staff are given the opportunity to choose a charity or community organization to support each year. They recognize that there are so many ways to try and positively impact staff and the community and are always looking for ways to improve and create additional benefits where they can.

If you’re able to become a Living Wage employer - do it! The process (especially for small employers) is very straightforward, and this is such a valuable thing you can offer to your staff members which will have many positive flow-on effects. Jess Macindoe, MODUS