Living Wage for Local Governments: Webinar Resources Online

Local governments can certify as Living Wage Employers, and in a webinar held in May 2019, the Living Wage for Families Campaign outlined how. The slides from the webinar are now online.

When local governments want to become Living Wage Employers, there are several steps involved. Governments will need to research the costs and implications, follow their appropriate mechanisms to pass motions and policies, and then receive certification from the Living Wage for Families Campaign.

In this webinar, speakers Iglika Ivanova (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - BC Office) and Catherine Ludgate (Vancity Credit Union) joined Halena Seiferling (Living Wage for Families Campaign) to provide information about what the living wage is, how it's calculated, how it applies to local governments, and the process and impacts of becoming a Living Wage Employer.

View the slides from this webinar now to learn more, and contact us to help make your city or town a Living Wage Employer.