Living wage momentum continues to grow in Canada

Over the past few years, communities across Canada have been working towards adopting living wage policies.  These communities identified the value of developing a Canadian Living Wage Framework which includes a consistent living wage definition, calculation methodology and strategy for recognizing corporate and community leadership who commit to pass a living wage policy. 

This Canadian Living Wage Framework provides a definition, methodology, principles and lots of resources that these leaders hope that all communities involved in the living wage movement in Canada will adopt.



In Kingston, Ontario, Senator Art Eggleton has spoken in favour of the City of Kingston passing a living wage policy, saying:

“A living wage would help make sure that they (those living on low wages) get above the poverty line – and that can be good for the community too without costing the city an awful lot of money.”

For more details, see  video.

Grand Prairie, AB

Grand Prairie, Alberta,  has just announced its Living Wage rate of $15.55/hour .