New Employer Resource: The Living Wage for Local Governments

We're announcing a new series of resources for employers! First up: learn about how the Living Wage Employer process works for local governments.

The living wage is crucial for local governments. Tens of thousands of working families live in poverty in BC, and we all suffer when our neighbours can't make ends meet. As significant employers in their communities, local governments can make a difference by paying their staff and contractors a living wage and becoming local champions for fair wages.

This new resource provides key information relevant for local governments considering becoming Living Wage Employers. It explains what the living wage is and why it's important, it outlines the criteria for local governments to certify with our Campaign, and it notes how the certification process works for local governments.

Check out this new resource here, and contact us to become a Living Wage Employer.

This is the first in a series of new fact sheets for employers. These concise, one-page "cheat sheets" note key information relevant for employers of diverse sectors, industries, and sizes. Watch for the rest of the series coming soon!