Spotlight: Light House

Light House

One of our newest Living Wage Employers is Light House. They are an interdisciplinary team of expert practitioners who work to inspire sustainability within the built environment. 

Through research, advocacy, education, and outreach, Light House’s mission-driven work advances industry knowledge, tools, and best practices that strengthen the green building sector in Canada and abroad. Their projects are characterized by ambitious scopes, unusual collaborations, high quality, out-of-the-box thinking and transferable, scalable outputs. Light House directly make change by connecting industry to build a circular economy; catalyzing the advancement of social inclusion and human health; and leading the creation of regenerative built environments.

Light House is a small non-profit of 10 employees located in Vancouver, BC. As Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, they have committed to a pay structure that ensures livability for employees.

“Light House is committed to providing, at a minimum, a Living Wage for all employees, because we know a Living Wage benefits employees, employers, the community, and the economy. Paying a Living Wage is just one way that we affirm to our staff that we value their work, and care about them and their families.” - Light House

They highly encourage other organizations to commit to paying a Living Wage, not only for the immediate benefits to staff, but for the consequent benefits of investing in your community and giving your organizational endorsement of equitable wages.

Our human-first approach says, “No matter your role at our organization, we will support you in meeting your needs, and the needs of your family”, and that is fundamentally good business. - Light House