Leith Wheeler Certifies in Three Provinces

Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd is setting the bar high, by becoming the first employer to certify with living wage organizations in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario simultaneously.

When Living Wage for Families BC was founded over a decade ago, we imagined a future where all workers would earn a living wage and working families would be lifted above the poverty line. While we have some distance to go, in 2022 we’re pleased to welcome more and more employers to the living wage movement.

“Being a Living Wage Employer – and the first among our industry peers in the three provinces where we have offices – reflects the importance we place on fairness and equity in the way we run our business,” said Jim Gilliland, President, CEO, and Head of Fixed Income at Leith Wheeler. “We expect more from the companies in which we invest, and we hold ourselves to the same standard.”

Ensuring living wages are paid to employees and contractors is an important poverty reduction strategy in BC and across Canada. A growing body of research is revealing the direct link between living wages and reducing family poverty particularly as the cost of living rises for everyone. Paying living wages also contributes to healthy and sustainable communities.  

Thank you, Leith Wheeler, for your leadership!