Kings Energy

First energy company in Northern BC to certify as a Living Wage Employer

Kings Energy Services has been certified as a Living Wage Employer – committing to pay its staff and contracted workers a Living Wage.

It is the first energy company in Northern BC to be certified as a Living Wage Employer. It joins Hakai Energy Solutions, Vancouver Renewal Energy Co-Operative and Urban Solar in helping to address working poverty in the energy sector in BC.

Kings Energy Services is an established valve, manufacturing, equipment servicing, electrical, instrumentation and measurement company with locations in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. They offer a substantial lineup of in-house manufactured products in addition to several lines of top-quality distribution products.

“By compensating our people with a living wage, coupled with promoting strong cultural values – we are building teams of people that have a high level of pride and confidence in their abilities. The result is high quality product and service delivery that impresses our customers. We aim for our people to enjoy their work, each other and view their employment more as a long-term partnership with Kings Energy Services.” Shalen Criocker, King’s Energy Services

The living wage is the hourly amount a family needs to cover basic expenses. The calculation is based on a two-parent family with two children – the most common family unit in BC – with each parent working full-time.

“We’re delighted that King’s Energy has committed to paying their staff and contracted workers a Living Wage. We hope it sparks other employers to join the Living Wage movement,” said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families BC

Certifying as a Living Wage Employer is a voluntary commitment employers make to invest in their communities and local economies.