Just Mechanical

Spotlight on a Living Wage Employer

Just Mechanical Ltd has been in operation since 2007; Servicing, Repairing and Retrofitting HVAC and Plumbing equipment for large and small Commercial businesses throughout the Lower Mainland.

Their customers include: Cities and Municipalities, Institutions, Strata Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Industrial Sites, and Property Management Firms. They have been a Living Wage Employer since 2019.


When Just Mechanical launched in 2007, they were sharing an office and warehouse space with another company in Port Coquitlam. By 2010 their business had grown from 3 employees to 7 so moving to a large Office and Warehouse space was needed. They moved to their current location in June of 2010 and presently have 28 Employees.

“We have always strived for an inclusive workplace that encourages diversity to foster an innovative and respectful work environment. Each individual employee contributes unique qualities and we want to appreciate and celebrate our differences. Diversity helps us establish greater creativity, breadth of experience, and personal growth among our staff - it is essential to our success as an organization.” Cristina Lawrie, Just Mechanical

Just Mechanical’s business model has always mirrored the same values as the Living Wage Campaign, so in October 2019 they made it official and proudly became Living Wage certified. Their plaque is prominently displayed in their office for all to see.

Over the past few years, we have seen the Living Wage Campaign building momentum to engage businesses and we are no longer seeing it as a trend, but rather an industry standard; we have experienced firsthand that many of our customers include Living Wage stipulations in their bids and contracts. Cristina Lawrie

Just Mechanical is a Technician owned business that actively supports the ITA Apprenticeship program. By paying their employees a living wage, it allows them to invest in themselves and provides opportunities to advance their skills and training.

We wish to encourage more local businesses to join the Campaign, because everyone benefits when we invest in people and our communities in order to help bridge the gap of social inequality. Cristina Lawrie.