June's story

June's story

June has been working for Integra, a Living Wage Employer for 3 years.

Before joining Integra, June was earning just above the minimum wage. It was not enough money to give her the financial freedom that she needed. This is her story.

“After I paid all my bills, I had nothing left, so saving was never an option. It was stressful because I wanted to work towards gaining financial freedom but I just couldn’t with my salary.”

Three years ago, she joined Integra in an entry level administration position. She went from earning $16 just above the minimum wage ($11 an hour at the time) to a living wage ($21 an hour).

"Earning a living wage has impacted my life in a number of ways but most importantly, I can live in the Lower Mainland as a single woman with one job, and not needing any financial aid from anyone. It has given me financial stability and independence."

June has now worked her way up through the company to a senior management role, she really values the commitment to staff that the organization has.

"I like working at Integra because I enjoy what I do, the flexibility with schedules, ability to work from home, and the positive environment. Everyone grows within the company, and I really value that"