Jenny's Story

I love working hereJenny lives with her husband and son on Vancouver Island.

She previously had to work three jobs to ensure that she had enough money to make ends meet. She would sometimes go from one job to the next on the same day. Working three jobs impacted on her physical and mental health.

"I’ve had many health issues over the last ten years, life was a struggle."

Jenny decided that she needed to cut back her working hours, and focus on one job. She chose the job that she preferred the most – working for Pacifica Housing as a casual server. However, because she was only earning $16 an hour, the financial strain was still there.

"It was a good job that others in the household paid the bills."

In September 2020, Pacifica Housing became a Living Wage Employer. Jenny received a $4 an hour pay rise, as Pacifica lifted the wages of all their low income staff. Earning a living wage has made a huge difference to Jenny’s quality of life.

"It’s like night and day and is a huge incentive to keep working here."

The biggest difference she has seen is on the family dynamics. Her husband has been living with cancer for two years, and the financial strain made things harder. Now that Jenny earns a Living Wage she can support the family.

"It was a financial struggle as well as an emotional one. We don’t have that anymore."