Spotlight: Integra


The Living Wage Employer is a medical assessment company, linking legal professionals, insurance adjusters, unions and employers who need independent assessments with the health professionals who provide them.

Headquartered in Vancouver, with locations across the country, Integra has 15 full time employees, and their management team is proud to pay all employees a living wage. For Integra Founding Partner and Managing Director Erica Enstrom, paying her team a living wage just makes sense.

“We feel that providing people with the safety and security of a living wage is the least we can do,” Erica Enstrom

Acting with integrity and building collaborative relationships are two of Integra’s driving values, both with their clients and with their staff. For Integra, that means choosing to do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing.

For their clients and health care professionals, it means those parties can expect consistent, ethical choices executed as fairly and transparently as possible. And for their employees, this mean the safety and security of knowing you are valued enough to be paid a living wage.

“Being a Living Wage Employer has meant that those coming into entry-level positions within our organization are provided with a salary that allows them a feeling of financial safety and security. It ensures we attract individuals who value community and collaboration, which are culturally very important to us.” Erica Enstrom