Great Northern Engineering Consultants Inc. (GNEC) is a Traffic and Electrical Engineering firm that put down roots in BC in 2013. By providing outstanding service and fostering a culture of curiosity, innovation, and true team spirit, the GNEC Team has grown exponentially. 

Since 2017, GNEC has been a certified Living Wage for Employer. 

"We are firmly committed to providing fair and sustainable wages to ensure our employees, consultants and service providers are compensated equitably. Providing an assurance of fair wages and an opportunity to thrive is a commitment we take very seriously, not just within our immediate circle of work colleagues, but in our home communities too." Chantelle Tisshaw, GNEC

GNEC employees are supported in external social and civic-minded activities including volunteering and working with community organizations.

"The process of becoming a Living Wage for Families Employer gave us insight into some of the wonderful ways our colleagues and service providers supported community involvement and promoted fair compensation in the workplace, and how closely our values aligned." Chantelle Tisshaw, GNEC

The benefit of being a Living Wage for Families Employer is the opportunity to raise awareness, and to start conversations about fair wages so families can thrive.

"COVID-19 brought to light the impact on our communities when families are not compensated with a living wage, it affects everyone. Thank-you to the Living Wage for Families Team for your ongoing hard work in this campaign!" Chantelle Tisshaw, GNEC