Faith Groups and living wage

The mandate of the ‘Living Wage Faith Group Engagement Project ‘is to help educate and support faith groups in more effectively engaging with their communities — particularly low-income families – in advocating for a living wage. 

Note: Some faith groups are already speaking out about living wages. The Unitarian Church of Vancouver (UCV), for example, decided to stop serving as a food bank depot in 2009 – after 30 years of operation – because:

Food is a right; it should not be considered or dealt with as a charity, which, in fact, is the inherent nature of food banks and the nature of the relationship that obtains between those who contribute to them and dispense food on the one hand, and those who receive it on the other. Provincial and federal policy should be created in such a way that ensures that those in need of food assistance receive it in a manner consistent with food as a right, not a provisional, charitable hand out (e.g.,  living wage and/or food stamp legislation).” 

The Anglican Church has also begun to explore living wage issues: blog by Rev. Steve Bailey