Cleanline Automotive


Cleanline Automotive is an environmentally-minded automotive repair business. They’re on a mission to change their industry for the better, one car at a time.

They’ve been a Living Wage Employer since 2018, pledging to pay their staff members and all their contracted workers a Living Wage.

When people earn a living wage, they have an increased standard of living, they don’t need to work multiple jobs to pay the bills and they have more time for family, nutrition and exercise, which all lead to stress reduction. These are all things we value. Stephanie Van de Kemp, Cleanline Automotive

Most of the Cleanline team have young families. The company want them to earn a wage that allows them to achieve their goals, whether it’s owning a home or traveling or just living a lifestyle that aligns with their vales.

Paying parents higher wages benefits their children as well. Data shows that as income increases, children’s health also improves. As parents, this resonates with us in a big way. We believe this movement can bring about positive change for families in our community, which benefits the community as a whole. Being a Living Wage employer tells employees that we care about their wellbeing. Stephanie Van de Kemp, Cleanline Automotive

Paying a Living Wage is good for local economies. Consumer spending typically increases along with wages. A Living Wage will put more discretionary dollars in the pockets of employees, which will flow to retailers and other businesses.

As a business, we want to attract good employees and keep them! This means we have to pay them well. Offering a living wage is smart business. Not only will you attract and retain great employees, but your employees will perform better if they have the security that comes with a living wage. Stephanie Van de Kemp, Cleanline Automotive

Cleanline Automotive was the first Living Wage Employer in the Columbia Valley and were part of the process to help compile the data to determine the Living Wage for their region.

That was very compelling. It made us face the reality of the true costs of living and further reinforced our commitment to pay a Living Wage. Paying a Living Wage is good for the communities in which we run our businesses. As employers, we can’t ignore cost of living. Stephanie Van de Kemp, Cleanline Automotive