Caroline's story

"Earning a living wage allows me to be more independent."

Caroline lives on Vancouver Island. She’s worked for her Living Wage Employer since June this year as a support worker.

She really enjoys working there, the benefits they offer and the fact that they offer time off for wellness. Earning a living wage means that she can afford to go to the dentist, buy a winter jacket and buy nicer groceries.

In previous jobs, where she’s not earned a living wage, it was very different. To make ends meet, she would work every day.

“I was 100% always worried. It was really stressful”.

However, for Caroline, the biggest difference that earning a living wage has had, is on her independence.

“I no longer have to find guys to buy me drinks, or cosy up in relationships that I don’t want to be in”

The knowledge that she and her colleagues earn a living wage means that she’s more committed to her employer.

“I definitely would stay with an employer who pays a living wage, rather than quitting and going to a different one.”