Burnaby Blacktop


Burnaby Blacktop Ltd is one of the Lower Mainland’s largest Asphalt and Concrete Paving Contractors. They have been a Living Wage Employer since 2020.

Burnaby Blacktop

Burnaby Blacktop prides itself on their customer service. No matter what the size of the job or budget, they will work to find a solution that meets their customers needs. Key to the success of their customer service is staff satisfaction.

“Like the Living Wage Movement, we also believe that each employee deserves to have a better quality of life and this can be achieved by providing them with a higher than the minimum compensation packages plus benefits.” Ed Klarich, Burnaby Blacktop

The company ensures that their team members and their families personal needs are met. They believe that a well compensated employee is a happy and productive one.

“Being part of the Living Wage Movement allows businesses to give back to the community. Providing above minimum wage is not just about money, it allows parents to be better providers to their children therefore alleviating child poverty. More so, it also helps employers like us retain talented employees and acquire new ones." Ed Klarich, Burnaby Blacktop