Why the new minimum wage is still not a living wage

On Monday 1 June 2020, the minimum wage for workers across the province increased. However, there are still thousands of families in BC who are living below the poverty line because they are not earning a living wage. Continue reading

Living Wage Calculation for 2020

Living Wage Calculation for 2020 Moves to November Amid COVID-19 Crisis BC’s 170 Living Wage Employers and applicants for certification have been advised that the Living Wage for Families Campaign has shifted the annual calculation of a new living wage for 2020 from May to November to better align our work with living wage campaigns in other parts of Canada and Living Wage Week celebrated in other countries. Continue reading

Thank You from Outgoing Campaign Organizer Halena Seiferling

Today is Halena Seiferling's last day as Campaign Organizer. Read below for a message of thanks from Halena, and contact us at [email protected] until a new Campaign Organizer is in place. Continue reading

2019 year end

5 municipalities made progress on paying a living wage in 2019 As 2019 draws to a close, over 430,000 British Columbians have reason to celebrate. Since last December, five municipalities, including our provincial capital, took steps toward implementing living wage policies, along with two major school districts. Continue reading

Eight more Living Wage Employers certified in BC, bringing historical total to 180 Living Wage Employers

Eight employers across BC recently received certification as Living Wage Employers. Since 2009 when the BC-based Living Wage for Families Campaign began certifying Living Wage Employers, 180 employers have received the designation. Continue reading

Living Wage Week Feature #4: The Reality of Working Poverty in BC

This week, we’ve been exploring the costs facing the ‘living wage family’ in regions across BC. These analyses are helpful to understand what an average working family may be dealing with, but they still represent a hypothetical family. Today, let’s get into the reality facing low-wage families across our province. Continue reading

Living Wage Week Feature #3: Is child care accessible and affordable for all BC families?

For the third post in our series for Living Wage Week, we're diving further into child care. While the living wage family is experiencing a massive reduction in their child care expenses this year, accessing quality child care is still difficult for many BC families.   Continue reading

Living Wage Week Feature #2: Housing Affordability for the Living Wage Family

Second in our series for Living Wage Week, we're exploring whether the living wage family in our calculations spends an affordable amount of their income on housing. It’s no secret that housing affordability is an issue in BC, and getting a safe and stable place to live remains a critical issue for many working families.  Continue reading

Living Wage Week Feature: How do BC's child care policies affect the living wages?

This week, November 11-17, is Living Wage Week. We're celebrating with a series of blog posts that dive deeper into our living wage calculations and what they reveal about working poverty in BC. First up: learn how the provincial government's child care policies affected our 2019 living wages by offsetting all other increases in the cost of living.  Continue reading