2014 new employers

New employers join the Living Wage for Families Campaign!

We are delighted to welcome three new employers to the Living Wage for Families Campaign.

Hats off to Hastings Labour Law Office (a law firm that represents trade unions and their members throughout British Columbia) and Ethos Law Group (a law firm committed to justice, fairness and diligence focusing on cooperatives, non-profits, charities as well as businesses); both applied and qualified under the Metro Vancouver rate.

And, congratulations to Mission Community Skills Centre Society (a not-for-profit who provides skills training for employment to residents of the Fraser), who – with our sister campaign in the Fraser Valley – qualified under the Fraser Valley rate.

These new employers push our family to more than 40 progressive employers now, all committed to poverty reduction for children and families through the voluntary payment of a living wage.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

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