Living Wage Employers

200 Living Wage Employers200 Living Wage Employers

Twenty more employers have now been certified as paying their staff and contracted workers a Living Wage.

This means that we will be ending the year with 200 certified Living Wage Employers!

Growth at a challenging time

We know that 2020 has been a very difficult year for many employers and low wage workers. Many employers have experienced challenges and uncertainties that they have never had before. And many low wage workers have been on the front line, risking their lives to keep us safe, fed and cared for. It has never been a more important time for the Living Wage movement. 

Despite this, we have certified more Living Wage Employers in 2020 than ever before – certifying 45 employers this year.
The Living Wage campaign is growing into new sectors. This month, we have certified our first Living Wage Employers who make jewelry (Lover’s Tempo), alcohol (Wayward Distillery) and cannabis (GOOD BUDS).

Caroline’s story

“I no longer have to find guys to buy me drinks, or cosy up in relationships that I don’t want to be in”.

Caroline has worked for her Living Wage Employer since June this year as a support worker. She really enjoys working there, the benefits they offer and the fact that they offer time off for wellness.

Earning a living wage means that she can afford to go to the dentist, buy a winter jacket and nicer groceries.

In previous jobs, where she’s not earned a living wage, it was very different. To make ends meet, she would work every day, putting her health . “I was 100% always worried. It was really stressful”.

However, for Caroline, the biggest difference that earning a living wage has had, is on her independence.

What our new employers are saying

Paying staff a living wage is good for employees and employers. All of our new Living Wage Employers have seen benefits to supporting the Living Wage Campaign.

“If we are going to exist as a company today, we must provide our staff with safety and security”

Toby Barazzuol, Eclipse Awards

“Good people deserve good pay, if you want to keep the good people, then look after them”

Dave Balfour, Clayton Heights Physio

“We are only as good as our employees. We want them to succeed and thrive, and paying them a living wage is a big part of that”

Jessica Hobden, Blue Lime Property Management

“We have paid a living wage since 2007 because it’s the right thing to do. We want our crew to be healthy, happy and to do good things in life”

Dave Wodchis, Elemental Gardens

“GOOD BUDS is all about good weed and good people. Our team is at the core of everything we do. We pay a living wage because we believe that is necessary to foster a dedicated, skilled and healthy workplace, with fair pay and equal opportunities to grow a career. A happy team is the first step to good work”

Alex Rumi, GOOD BUDS

“Our pay structure ensures livability in one of the most expensive cities in the world”

LeAnn Mogerman Light House Sustainability Society

“We believe in the power of people, and want to make sure that our team members feel empowered. This starts with being able to make a fair living and have their time valued”

Leslie Hoolaeff, Lover’s Tempo

“The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau supports kids and their families in creating special holiday memories. We support our team members’ families by paying a Living Wage so they too can celebrate the holidays together”

Chris Bayliss, Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau

“To attract qualified staff it is the right thing to do”

Alison Silgardo, Senior Services Society of BC

“Human beings deserve to be valued”

Dave Brimacombe, Wayward Distillery

List of new Living Wage Employers

• Aptus Benefits
• Blue Lime Property Management Group
• Burnaby Blacktop Ltd
• City Hive
• Clayton Heights Physio
• dawn Craig RMT
• Eclipse Awards
• Elemental Gardens
• GPM Civil Contracting
• Light House Sustainability Society
• Little Owl
• Lover’s Tempo
• Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau
• North Construction
• Pacifica Housing
• Seniors Services Society
• Urban Arts Architecture
• Wayward Distillery
• West Kootenay EcoSociety

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