17 new Living Wage Employers

We have certified another 17 Living Wage Employers across BC! 

Over 600 direct employees, and countless contracted workers will now not need to worry about how they will pay rent and food for their families because their employer has guaranteed to pay them a Living Wage.

The biggest difference will be for nearly 100 staff, who have received an immediate pay raise to bring them up to their local Living Wage rate.

100 people received a raise


The Living Wage campaign is growing into new sectors

This month we have certified Living Wage Employers in new sectors. We have our first Living Wage brewery (Spinnakers), animation studio (Bardel), security company (Themis) and sign makers (Imperial Sign Corporation).

Many low wage workers in these sectors are risking their lives to keep us fed, safe and cared for during the pandemic and beyond. It is vital that in return they earn a living wage in order to be able to pay for essentials for their family. We’re delighted that these employers have committed to paying their staff a Living Wage. This will make such a difference to low wage workers. We invite other employers to join the Living Wage movement.

“Authentic connection and care is at the core of what we do at BC Food & Beverage. We value our members and team equally and with that we stand by creating opportunities for everyone to succeed. By offering living wage to our team we are living our beliefs and values. As a leader in our industry we hope that our commitment to living wages, inspires others to take this important step in reducing poverty and supporting our colleagues, friends and family in important and meaningful ways.” Alisa Hutton, BC Food and Beverage


"Because we care. Because we can. We inspire and empower communities to close the loop for a sustainable future for our children. We give resources new life! Convertus Group will pay market rate to attract and retain talent that are aligned with our purpose and values. At no time will we pay below a living wage in Canada” Kim, Convertus Group


“It is very simple! A Living Wage provides dignity and respect – everyone deserves that!” Aart Schuurman Hess, Goodly Foods Society


“We believe in the people who work our firm, we want them to be secure in their positions; in their value to our firm, and in their finances. Our hope is for our employees to be able to concentrate on their work without pressure on how they will make ends meet. Our continued desire is to have longstanding relationships with our employees, knowing they have more than an economic value to our firm; but rather feel appreciated and respected for who they are, and the work they perform.” Marjorie White, Huberman Law Group


“Growing up in poverty, I watched my mom struggle to make ends meet. I know the stress of choosing diapers or food, rent or heat. As a cancer survivor, I started my business to help my family. Now with business that is succeeding, we have the opportunity to help others make ends meet.” Ryan Smith, New Again Cleaning


“Investing in our staff’s wellbeing is very important to our organization. Happy employees lead to a happy workplace” Donna Clarke, Renfrew Collingwood Seniors Society

Full list of new Living Wage Employers

Bardel Entertainment Inc
BC Food and Beverage Association
Buy Social Canada
Convertus Group
Craine Projects
GNW Shop
Goodly Foods Society
Huberman Law Group
Imperial Sign
LADR Landscape Architects Inc
New Again Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd
Project Clean
Renfrew Collingwood Seniors Society
Spiritleaf Penticton
Themis Security Group

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