Resources for Living Wage Employers

Living Wage Employers are those who meet our criteria for the Living Wage Employer program and who have been certified by our Employers Committee.

Modo Co-operative is a certified Living Wage Employer.

Living Wage Resources

If you are wondering how to make the living wage work for you, we can help.

See how your employer-paid non-mandatory benefits factor into your local living wage with our Benefits Calculator here.

Check out the following resources for information tailored to your industry, sector, or size:

The Living Wage for
Local Governments  

The Business Case for Paying a
Living Wage

Working in a
Living Wage Municipality

The Living Wage for
Small Businesses

The Living Wage and Non-Profits

The Living Wage for Large Employers:
from Vancity Credit Union

Find Living Wage Businesses

Looking for living wage businesses to work with or contract with? Check out our list of Living Wage Employers, here.

B Corporation status is another helpful certification to consider. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Peruse the directory of certified B Corps in BC, here.

Already a Living Wage Employer?

Make sure to complete your annual recertification form each year, stating your continued commitment to the Living Wage Employer program given each year's new living wages.

Click here to download our Employers Guide for more information about the Living Wage Employer program.

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